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May 20, 2024

Dan Struhs

Reminder: Trailer Removal from Winter Parking

Reminder: Trailer Removal from Winter Parking

All trailers and vehicles in the Winter Parking area need to be removed by Memorial Day, May 27th. This is an extended date due to weather conditions.

Apr 18, 2024

Dan Struhs

Roads and Trailer Removal Update

Due to the unusually high snow levels at Uintalands this spring, the following advisories and adjustments are in place effective immediately.

· Trailers in the winter parking area have until May 27th (Memorial Day) this year (2023 only) to be removed. If moving your trailer before this date, please check with the Caretaker, Doug Madsen, before attempting to move trailers to your lot to make sure it’s doable. Roads to cabins throughout Uintalands remain closed to wheeled vehicles until further notice.

· Doug Madsen’s phone number is 801-725-4397. It’s not recommended you leave a voice mail or text message. Best to call until you do reach him. Please call during working hours.

· Questions? Call or message any board member.

Apr 1, 2024

Dan Struhs


Several lot owners have not yet paid dues. Dues notices were emailed to almost all owners and a few were USPS mailed on the first few days of January. If you have not yet paid your dues, please do so ASAP as late fees are now set to begin. As a courtesy, the Business Manager will mail hard copies to those who have not paid dues.

Please contact Brian Stecklein with any questions at or 801-540-1543

Mar 29, 2024

Chris Kinnersley

Winter Parking

As we prepare for Spring and Summer we want to remind owners that all trailers and vehicles must be removed from the Winter Parking areas by May 1.

If there are any exceptions needed to this rule, due to extended weather conditions, we will post here on and on the Uintalands Facebook page. As a reminder, parking in common areas is prohibited unless you have permission, after May 1. Questions may be addressed to our Uintalands Caretaker or any Board Member. We are excited for another wonderful season in this beautiful place with our incredible community.

As roads are cleared, we will post updates on both and Facebook. If the roads look hopeless for moving trailers by May 1, we will post an extension, if needed, by April 15.

Feb 6, 2024

Chris Kinnersley

February Board Meeting

February Board Meeting will be February 13, 2024 at 6:30pm. We will be at a new location Trim Art, 1142 Flint Meadow Drive, Kaysville, Utah 84037. Members are welcome to attend.

Jan 4, 2024

Dan Struhs

New Year’s Potluck and Raffle

Thanks to everyone who attended Uintalands annual Potluck and Raffle! It was our biggest ever and the weather was sunny and (sort of) warm. Lots of great dishes were provided by members, making for a great meal!

Special thanks to the many members that provided gifts for the raffle.

Special thanks to the guys and gals who came early to set up and clean tables and stayed late to clean and put everything away again. We could not do it without the help of everyone who generously gives their time to our special events.

Special thanks to Doug Madsen for preparing the Fire Station for our Pot Luck, and our crew who stand out in the cold and cook our delicious meats.

Dec 28, 2023

Dan Struhs

Winter in UintaLands

As we enter the winter season in Uintalands, below are a few reminders.

· Discharge of fireworks is not allowed at any time in Uintalands. This includes New Years!

· As snowmobiling season begins, stay on the Association’s roads, especially during the winter, even if there are tracks cutting across other owners’ properties. Please stay off of property that isn’t yours.

· The speed limit inside Uintalands is 20 MPH, even for Snowmobiles. If you want to hit the throttle a little more, please exit Uintalands at the Deadman gate. There is more snow as you climb higher.

· Many children will be out enjoying Uintalands this weekend. Please be careful and watch for other machines and people on the roads.

· See you at the Potluck!

Dec 25, 2023

Dan Struhs

New Year’s Eve Raffle and Auction

We expect to have some nice items at the New Year’s Eve Raffle and Auction!

This year we be raffling off this brand new Winchester XPR 7mm rifle with scope. Retail at Cabela’s is $750.00. Tickets for this item will be $20 each. Thanks to Mike Solum and Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife for helping with the purchase of this Rifle.

Dec 15, 2023

Doug Madsen

New Year's Eve Potluck & Raffle

Sunday, December 31st , 1:00pm at the Fire Station. Bring your favorite side dish to share. Uintalands will provide Grilled Chicken, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Water, and Hot Chocolate. The bonfire will start at 5:00pm, where Hot Chocolate will also be served.

Come and have a great time ringing in the New Year!

Dec 4, 2023

Dan Struhs


Uintalands roads are now closed to wheeled vehicles. Only tracked up machines or snow machines are allowed on UL roads. Roads from SR150 to winter parking are open and available for use with wheeled vehicles. Please refer to Winter Parking Guidlines


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