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Construction Building Approval Process

June 2022
Construction Building Approval Process:


Lot owner will provide the following documents/information to the Board of Trustees
construction point of contact for preliminary approval.

  • A copy of construction plans for any type of structure or improvement, i.e., pole

      barn, shed, cabin, deck, fence, etc.

  • Plot plan with location of all existing structures, trailers, outbuildings and

      placement of the new construction including association approved setbacks not
     nearer than 30’ from any property line or easement or right-away, and 50’ from any
     Uintalands Association road or street.

  • All exterior material must be earth-tone and compatible with the natural beauty of

      Uintalands wilderness and environment.

After preliminary approval has been given from the Board of Trustees, if a building
permit is required, lot owner is responsible to submitted plans to Summit County for
their approval. Construction cannot commence prior to the issuance of a building
permit. When permit has been issued and fees paid to Summit County, lot owner
must contact Board of Trustees construction point of contact and provide a copy of
the building permit, contractor’s name, phone number, copy of license, proof of
workers compensation and liability insurance. In addition, if subcontractors are used
the contractor must provide copies of the subcontractor’s name, phone number,
license, proof of workers compensation and liability insurance.


The Board of Trustees will then authorize final approval and provide information how
to proceed, including gate entry guidelines for contractor, subcontractors and delivery
of materials. Lot owners/or construction crew shall be responsible for removal of all
construction waste from the Association. This shall include, but shall not be limited to:
sheetrock, wood scraps, metal roofing, foam products, insulation, nails and fasteners,
etc. Association dumpsters are not to be used for disposal of building materials.
Failure to comply will result in a $500.00 fine.

Uintalands Board of Trustees

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