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Dollar Bills

HOA Dues & News

A capital improvement fee of $300.00 was announced and voted on at the annual membership meeting in November 2023. It is one-time for equipment replacement.
Most of the equipment we have had use of in the past was on loan from Summit County. The road grader lost its engine and we replaced it with a modern but used grader that we own. The plan was not to buy anything else until we had a bigger reserve. Unfortunately the bulldozer used to clear snow seized a piston. Right after that our loaned loader began to overheat badly. We knew these ancient machines were at life’s end but were surprised they went together (we still use the loader on a limited basis and pour antifreeze in it). The decision was made not to replace the dozer when we got the opportunity to buy a top notch loader with low hours at a very discounted price. The loader will serve to load gravel, work on the roads as well as clear the snow in the spring. The $300 is to pay for the loader. We now OWN our equipment without Summit County strings.
All dues assessments are mailed out to the membership in January of each year and are due and payable by January 31.

The membership is assessed annual dues to cover the expenses that arise from the services and maintenance of the property. The dues are made up of three parts and are subject to change depending on the needs of the Association.

First, there is the regular operating expense of the Association. This is $750.00 per year for each active membership and $200.00 per year for each inactive membership.

Second, there is the Common Ground Property Tax charged by Summit County. This prorated amount per lot is $10.00 per year charged by Summit County.
Third, there is the Culinary Water System Fee of $150.00 per year, per lot, to cover the ongoing development expenses and maintenance of the water system. These funds are kept separate from the other expenses and used strictly for water expenses.
Occasionally there may be a special assessment for large or unforeseen expenses.
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