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UintaLands roads are now closed to wheeled vehicles. Only tracked up machines or snow machines are allowed on UL roads. Roads from SR150 to winter parking are open and available for use with wheeled vehicles. 

Winter Parking (October 15 to May 1)

Uintalands is not responsible or liable for any damage to vehicles or trailers. Park at your own risk.

Three areas

Uintalands has three areas that may be used for seasonal snowmobile trailer and day/weekend parking during the winter months. Camping trailers are not allowed in any winter parking area. All trailers must be clearly marked with the owner’s lot number. All trailers and vehicles must be removed by May 1 unless you are notified on the Uintalands web site and/or by email that too much snow remains to safely remove trailers. If you have questions about the rules or where you should park, please see the Caretaker before parking.

The main winter parking lot (shown below) has two areas. The area on the left (north, circled in red) is for trailers that hold snowmobiles or tracked up machines and will remain parked for the winter months. Trailers may only be parked as shown. No trailers are allowed anywhere but on the perimeter. No weekend parking of trailers in this area. Trailer owners and guests may park trucks and cars in the center area while enjoying Uintalands.

The area on the right (south, circled in yellow) is for day or weekend parking. Trucks, cars and trailers are allowed, but must be removed when your visit is over.

Trailer parking between dumpsters and the Caretaker Cabin:

The area pictured below (Green circle) is available for trailers that will remain for the winter season and is not for day or weekend trailer parking. The dumpsters are circled in yellow. Do not park in the dumpster drive thru area to the right (east) of the dumpsters

Screenshot 2024-01-01 105015.png

Winter Parking (October 15 to May 1)

This area is just inside of the main gate. The main gate is circled in orange. This winter parking area is for day or weekend parking and is used primarily by lot owners near or outside the gate and large trailers that are difficult to tow to the main winter parking lot. If you have questions about winter parking, please see the Caretaker or any Board member.

Screenshot 2024-01-01 105532.png
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