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Selling, buying, or constructing  water system work anywhere in the Association requires that certain standards, specification, regulations, and documents are obtained and complied with. Please contact the business manager (Brian Stecklein), a board member or caretaker (Doug Madsen) for the information packets, documents, and standards prior to these activities. See the Contact Us page for contact information.


For those wishing to attach to the Uintalands water system here is the form required to begin the process: Water Connection Form Updated 2024


Water System Replacement

Please use the following diagram when working with your contractor to add or replace your water system. The caretaker or a board member from the Water Committee must inspect your system before it is buried. If this doesn’t happen water will not be available to you.

Water Master Plan

A PDF containing the Final Water Master Plan is available here:

Final Water Master Plan (PDF, 17.5MB)

You may want to right-click on the link and select ‘Save As’ since the file is fairly large. You will need Adobe Reader to read the document.

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