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Uintalands Overview

Uintalands is an Association of about 232 active members. It was organized in 1970 as the Associated Group, later the name was changed to Uintalands Association.


Meetings and Work Parties

The Association has nine members on our Board of Trustees and holds its annual business meeting on the second Wednesday in November. At the meeting, three new board members are elected to serve a term of three years, and three old board members are released from the board. There is a work party the second Saturday in June and the second Saturday in August, held at the Association property in the Uinta Mountains.  


You are welcome and encouraged to come to any of the monthly Board meetings to discuss any issues or problems that you may have. Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 but, in June and August, on the Friday before the work party. Contact any Board member for more details.


The Association employs a full-time caretaker. It is his responsibility to monitor the property for security. He also monitors the water system to ensure the water tank is full and watches for water leaks in the main line of the system. If your system develops a leak, it is your responsibility to repair the leak ASAP. The caretaker will turn off your water system until the repair is made to alleviate wasting water.



The membership is assessed annual dues to cover the expenses that arise from the services and maintenance of the property. The dues are made up of three parts and are subject to change depending on the needs of the Association.

First, there is the regular operating expense of the Association. This is $750.00 per year for each active membership and $200.00 per year for each inactive membership.

Second, there is the Common Ground Property Tax charged by Summit County. This amount per lot is $10.


Third, there is the Culinary Water System Fee of $150.00 per year, per lot to cover the ongoing development expenses and maintenance of the water system. These funds are kept separate from the other expenses and used strictly for water expenses.


Occasionally there may be a special assessment for large or unforeseen expenses. All dues assessments are mailed to the membership in January of each year and are due and payable by January 31.


Water to each lot is available from the Association. The owner must notify the Business Manager that a water connection is desired, sign the Water Hookup Agreement, pay the water hookup fee, and provide and pay for a backhoe to dig to the main line. The Association will then provide the material required for the connection as outlined in the "Typical Water Connection"  The caretaker will then tap into the main line and complete the connection.

The owner can then connect to this valve and run their line. Water is for culinary use only. No outside irrigation. The water may be shut off in the winter if conditions require.

You are responsible for your own water system. Keep it in good repair so as not to waste water.

Cabin Permits and Improvements

Cabin plans or plans for any type of structure or septic system must be approved by the Board of Trustees building committee before construction begins. The committee will look to see that the building is sound and that it will fit in with the natural beauty of the land, and that the sewer septic tank and location are adequate for the building. In addition, the property owner must first obtain the proper building permit for the septic system from the Summit County Health Department. This system must be installed by a knowledgeable contractor and properly inspected by the Summit County Health Department before it can be buried, Without the proper permit and inspections, the lot owner will be denied any occupancy certificate issued by the County and will be subject to digging up the entire system at a later date for the proper inspection to be made. See also "Useful Information".


Building improvements must follow the guidelines that are set forth in the Protective Covenants & Restrictions.



There is a fishing pond located at the north end of Beaver Lane. It is catch-and-release and barbless hooks only. Read the pond rules here.


The horse pasture, located north of the fishing pond, is separated into four fenced areas. The owner is responsible for their own horse care. Horse(s) are not to be left in these pastures if the owner is not at their lot because there is not enough feed in the pastures and no one to look after them should they get caught or hurt in the fence.


Picnic areas are available for use by the members and their guests. There is water, restrooms, picnic tables, and fire pits at each site. You must carry out your own trash. To reserve the picnic area, contact the caretaker.


The trap shoot, rifle range, and archery course are available for the membership. Hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Young people must be accompanied by an adult when using firearms. For the safety of the membership and our property, shooting of firearms is not permitted outside of the designated areas.

Dumpsters are located northeast of the caretaker's cabin for household waste ONLY. If the dumpsters are full, please take your garbage home with you. Do not set your garbage outside of the dumpsters.

Gates and Keys

Each member is responsible to assure the gates are locked after going through them and that you do not open the gates for people you don't know. You are responsible to let your own guests and workers in and out of the Association.

The gate on Aspen Drive is electronic. Anyone entering must have an electronic tag. Tags can be issued for several vehicles if you wish. Contact Dan Struhs to acquire and pay for keys ($10 ea up to 15 allowed). Keys to the upper two gates, which are not electronic, may be obtained from the Caretaker. A notice will always be given if the keys are changed, however, to get new keys, you must be in good standing with the Association on dues and taxes.


Safety is of utmost importance. There is absolutely no hunting anywhere within Uintalands nor can any firearm be discharged with the exception of the shooting range.


Fire pits and devices must be in accordance with our Bylaws and other documents. Some summers may require a ban on outdoor fires. This will be communicated to the membership. If you start a forest fire, Utah law states you will be liable for all damages caused.


Fireworks are not allowed to be discharged anywhere within Uintalands nor the surrounding areas.


The Association will try to have the roads graded when the conditions are right in the late spring. We ask that if the roads are soft because of wet conditions, that you do not drive and rut them. It is very expensive to grade these ruts out of the roads.


We hope that you find the Association a benefit to you and that you take a personal interest in it.


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