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  • Within Uintalands

    • Some are muddy but all can be driven on. Many lanes from the roads to the cabins still are snowed over so make sure your lane is clear before coming up.

    • Martin Lane is open.









  • Wy 150 (Between Evanston & Utah Border)

    • Dry road conditions. No restrictions


  • Mirror Lake Hwy

    • Gate has now been opened.

    • Evanston Ranger District photos of conditions taken on May 13, 2024. The Mirror Lake Highway is clear up until right around the Gold Hill turn off, you can push past a few remaining snow patches to about mile marker 45 southbound. Whitney Reservoir is still inaccessible. Stillwater Campground has some big patches of snow but is relatively dry otherwise. The area outside of the Stillwater Campground is pretty flooded near the highway.

    • East Fork Bear campground has a few small snow piles but looks to be easily accessible.












  • Elizabeth Mountain Rd (058)

    • May 19th update. Gate is still closed off of Hwy 150 as of this morning. Road up to Mill Creek Rd is muddy & a few snow spots. Total snow pack about 1 mile up from the Mill Creek turnoff.

Snowmobile Lot

Uinta Dr looking back towards fishing ponds

Back Gate on Uinta Dr out towards Mill Creek Rd

Gate at Martin Lane

Elizabeth Mountain Rd at the Mill Creek turnoff

1 mile up from Mill Creek

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